Tuesday, September 30

Bug found in iOS 8 causes all iWork and iCloud Drive data to get erased - be careful

As discovered by MacRumors and also mention by Appadvice (from where I got the information) users that have used the "Reset All Settings" option that it is found on (Settings > General > Reset) in your iOS device may erase all their all their iWork Documents in their iCloud Drive. Obviously this seems like a bug, and Apple may fix it in the next iOS 8 release.

As also mention by Appadvice:

This is particularly worrisome for users of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. If you use both and this happens, your data will get erased, then sync across devices, and erase from them as well.

Make sure if you are using iCloud, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to have your files backup, do not trust iCloud since as far as my knowledge goes, there is no backup function for the documents you have there, so be careful.

Augusto Pinaud.
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Friday, September 26

Evolution Of The Desk (1980-2014)

I saw this in (makeuseof)[http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/evolution-desk-1980-2014/] and made me thing a lot about the evolution to #iPadOnly.

Check it out:


Wednesday, September 24

iPhone 6 Plus: It's not an iPad nano

This is a fantastic article. Among my favorite passages:

I’m not saying the iPhone 6 Plus is wrong for not being an iPad. Not at all. What I’m saying is, it’s not an iPad—and that I think people who expect it to be one are going to be disappointed. If the question is, “Big iPhone or small iPad?”, the answer is clear: The iPhone 6 Plus is called iPhone for a reason, and it’s not the Phone app.

Follow the link for the whole article by Jason Snell.

Thursday, September 11

Transfer files is going to get so much easier for those that are or want to be #iPadOnly thanks to Transmit.

If you need to transfer files on a Mac, for a long time there had been Transmit. It is maybe one of the most powerfull applications if you need to transfer files, deal with an FTP or SFTP server, or send files to the cloud via Amazon S3, or a simple WebDAV. For Backups, upload photos, maintain a website, it is a really cool app...

According to Federico Viticci from MacStories it is comming to iOS 8 and that it is fantastic news for those that want to be or are #iPadOnly...

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Thursday, August 14

Apple Debuts Two New 'Your Verse' iPad Stories Featuring Electropop Group 'Yaoband', Detroit 'Slow Roll' Cofounder

Apple Debuts Two New 'Your Ver... www.macrumors.com screenshot

Check out the article as well as the Apple's site for the new "your verse" stories. Especially now that Robin Williams died. Great tribute to him (I watched Dead Poets Society last night) and a great way to highlight how iPad is used in the wild.

Wish they did a section with me and Augusto though. We're evangelizing the #iPadOnly movement for some time now, Apple, don't be shy, contact us :-)